• Nicolle Stinson is Called To Ministry

  • Posted on February 25, 2020
  • Recently an article was published about Nicolle Stinson.  God called her to Life Coach Ministry.She has shared her full testimony about this calling.

    Nicolle Stinson has been working online for six years.  She recently published two books, by the grace of God.  The first book is titled: Girl, Let's Read Your Bible Notes. The second Book is titled: Girl, Let's Pray and Give Thanks. Both of these books were inspired by the Holy Spirit and are to be utilized as tools when reading the Bible and in prayer time.These books can be seen here: http://www.niclynnstinson.net/p/journals-and-things.html

    Nicolle Stinson's full article and testimony can be seen here: 


    Nicolle currently lives in upstate NY with her husband and her five year old daughter.  She works as a web developer from home and also as a blogger.  She is the founder of the "Girl, Let's Read Your Bible" group which currently has over 2200 members reading and studying the Bible together.  Nicolle's ministry includes weekly videos with Bible verse reviews and daily prayer and gratitude posts.  

    In her free time, Nicolle Stinson enjoys camping, crocheting, blending tea, bible journaling, and reading.

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