• Nicolle Stinson Says You Just Have To Believe In God

  • Posted on November 08, 2019
  • Nicolle Stinson Says You Just Have To Believe In God

    At 12:30 AM I was woke from a dead sleep.  Something told me to go check on Zonny.  I went across the hall and she was wheezing. I gave her her nebulizer (which woke her up) and it relieved the wheezing.  I laid down with her (like a worried mama) and said to her "God woke me up and told me to come check on you, we should tell him thank you." So we both said "Thank you God Amen" then she said "I love you Mom" and rolled over and fell asleep.
    Yesterday, when I was enduring some bad stuff, I spent a good portion of the day feeling sorry for myself.  Finally I cried out to God to just make the bad stuff stop already. At 12:30 AM He sent me a heart hug.  Another thing I hadn't realized yesterday, in the midst of my self-pity, was He was blessing me all day yesterday during my pain.  I work from home doing web development and when I looked at my books this morning for yesterday, the amount was double the norm!  I think God was trying to tell me He hasn't forgotten me. He is already working things out.

    This is an excerpt from Nicolle Stinson's most recent blog post.  

    Nicolle Stinson writes many faith based blog posts and writes the newsletter and blog posts for her church as well.  You can read the rest of this blog post here: https://www.niclynnstinson.net/2019/11/you-just-have-to-believe.html

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