• Nicolle Stinson talks about why Real Men Do Not Wear Face Masks

  • Posted on August 29, 2020
  • Nicolle Stinson Talks About Why Real Men Do Not Wear Face Masks.

    There is a global takeover that has nothing to do with a virus.  Face masks are being used to make people sick to further a deeper more sinister agaenda.  Think back.  When is the last time a virus survived in August?  Remember them claiming this fake viruse died in seventy degrees?  They want to depopulate you.  Look up agenda 2030.  Look up event 201.  Research and educate yourselves.  Do not just blindly follow government orders that have been designed to harm you.
    Here is what Nicolle Stinson has to say about facemasks on men.  

    Want to learn more about what is really going on? You can go to Nicolle Stinson's news and research blog and read more: http://www.truthunmasked.org

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